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Stories about:

The Three Fates are down to only One Fate, and does She need some help!

Aliens in a ceramic spaceship ruin Patricia’s love life.

A man-eating ogress wins her prince through her fine culinary skills.

A theater professor travels back in time to find Shakespeare was just a “spear-carrier.”

A soldier saves her city by laying down her sword.

A singer curses a city of fairies for their murderous xenophobia.

Geneticists and shamans pool their talents to make a demi-goddess to save the dying environment.


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“Cynthia Joyce Clay has delivered a stunning a.rrangement of short stories that deal with problems from a woman's perspective. Written in the style of fairy tales, many of these portray a deep understanding of the need to preserve the beautiful Nature with which we've been blessed. In my personal favorite, ‘The Rental,’ a realtor has a difficult time boosting her career, until she receives her first client, who just happens to be a witch...” Lynnette Marie, author of Midnight Whispers.

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