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A Compendium of Magickal Practice from Ethics to Sex
by Sapnabella and Axis




A literate and in-depth collection of magickal technique and theory, primarily from a Pagan perspective, that adds new impetus to the assertion that modern Neo-Paganism consists of complete spiritual systems. It shows how such paths may include complex theology and high ethical conduct. There are also explicit and complete instructions for spiritual development, including channeling, psychic self-defense, working with spirits, and sex magick. A welcome addition to all who are beginning one of these paths and an excellent supplement to those who already follow the Old Religion.”—Donald Michael KraigAuthor of Modern Magick

"A skillful progression of knowledge takes the reader/student from neophyte to old hand. This Compendium is an excellent manual for developing the many aspects of a Witch."Lisa Mc Sherry
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