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The Tarot and the Mysteries

of Love and Sex

meanings by Mel Fleming II

artwork by Cynthia Joyce Clay

Only those who can legally purchase explicitly erotic artwork may buy The Tarot and the Mysteries of Love & Sex. Minors, those offended by depictions of sex, and those from nations that forbid sexually explicit materials may not purchase The Tarot and the Mysteries of Love and Sex in any of its forms--paperback, e-book, or deck. Oestara Publishing has other, excellent books such as Zollocco that are appropriate for these persons (and everyone else).

By purchasing The Tarot and the Mysteries of Love and Sex in any of its forms (paperback, e-book, or deck) you are asserting that you are legally able to do so.

Buy only Mel Fleming's meanings to use with your own deck.

Buy the paperback of The Tarot and the Mysteries of Love and Sex  $33.45

Tarot deck with the abridged meanings  $24.00. Free shipping in the US.

If you are over 18 years of age, click to view sample images.

The meanings, by Mel Fleming II, are devoted to issues of love and sex to inspire lovers to greater joy in intimacy. The artwork, Tarot of the Divine Union by Cynthia, is based on masterpieces of explicitly erotic art and are couched in Wiccan symbolism. This is artwork that truly returns the sacred to sexual ecstasy. (Cover image is modest.)

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 $33.45 plus shipping and handling

The paperback is designed so that you can cut the artwork out to make your own deck.

Buy the tarot deck with the abridged meanings  $24.00

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