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  Oestara was a Nordic Goddess of spring. Probably Her name meant eastern star and that would also make Her the morning star. The Christian holiday of Easter is derived from Her name while many modern Pagans celebrate the vernal equinox as Her holiday. The dawn, east, spring all have symbolic meaning of vigorous, new, green life. Oestara Publishing LLC is dedicated to new and vigorous writing chosen by editors for readers, not bureaucrats for marketing lists. Oestara fiction may share a vision, move with literary quality, or simply entertain, but it all has the life of stories authors really want to tell. Similarly, Oestara non-fiction is chosen for its originality and freshness of thought and scholarship. Oestara Publishing LCC differs from the academic preference for juried work. What we find juries do is require a conformity of thinking that shuns the truly revolutionary and original thinking. Oestara will make available works by scholars and professionals for the thoughtful reader to evaluate for her or himself. The educated reader is familiar with basic distinctions between informed and uninformed sources, logical and illogical argument. So is the professional, and so we would rather the individual reader decided whether a scholarly book has something to offer or not. Oestara non-fiction will also include autobigraphical and other works that are both vigorously entertaining and pleasingly educational.